That’s Life – قصي

At this point، this is a story of me falling

Branching up my arms humbleness fulfill my calling

Hopeless unmotivated potential figure

Senseless with a lot of faith drowned in liquor

I lived a mans dream that was trapped in the circle

I was once sent to this earth exist to hurt you

Admired courage hard worker turned my knuckles purple

Down on my knees un nurtured

Now it’s all gone burned on the inside

You can see the heated flames in my eyes

But I’m in disguise

I’m the example

But I’m tired of the sacrifices

You can have a sample

But can you fill these shoes

Patience is getting the best of me

I thought that my strength is endlessly

God looks through my heart … I wonder what he sees

My confession is mercy but it steadily bleeds

تلعب بي الدنيا تدور تلف بيا

بتضحكني وبتبكيني وتقسى عليا

الحياة حلوة but we corrupted it

The gift of God we abused the hell out of it

Don’t know who to trust so I stay focus

Even the woman that I love betrayed me I noticed

My life is like a fairy tail

But I’m trying to get out of this jail that’s in my brain like cells

Caught up between living in America

Be with the one I love

Do what I wanna do

I need guidance from above

But music is my life … my soul has been prisoned

My drug my fix the only thing that keeps me giving

I tried to make a change

But confusion is a demon it took over again

So who’s to blame Who’s to blame

Stop pointing your fingers at me

I wanna be free … THAT’S WHY …

تلعب بيا الدنيا تدور تلف بيا

على بالي انك حبيبي ونصيبي انتا

في كل لحظة في زماني مشغلني انتا

واتاري قلبك الخالي سالي وعني بعيد

إذا فأنت كالتالي اناني بالتاكيد

تلعب ليه وتلف وتدور ياحبيبي بيا

بتضحكني وبتبكيني وتقسى عليا

من الحياه تراني مليت…ونسيت كل اللي بيني وبينك

ضيعت عمري في الأحلام..أوهام المستحيل اعطيتك

ضميتك وعيوني سارت بيتك ولحن الفرح غنيتك وناوي تغيب

ليتك بس تفهمني ليتك وانا كل عمري اعطيتك ليه ناوي تغيب