party people – قصي

Party people in the place to be

You know the ladies looking good and the place is on fire

I’ve noticed that you’re looking at me

so let’s bounce to the symphony

That’s my man Karl Wolf، and my name is Don Legend

Good Evening، how you doing ladies and gentlemen

This is the party anthem entering your cerebelium

Kicking your ear drums with melodies you gonna feel ’em

Keep shaking your hips till it durst

Keep moving your feet till it hurts

Hands up high

Everything is everything cuz life is good

So excuse me as I kiss the sky

It’s killuminati

Came to crash the party

Searching for the hottie

Get with everybody

Breaking all thr rules

Solving all the clues

You got nothing to prove

I got nothing to lose

كلامك كله لوم

اتحرك بلا نوم

باحي الحفلة كل يوم

ولو جالس احسلك قوم

امشي شغلي بالعقل والحمكة

انا تحت امركم..اي خدمة؟

This is 4 my party people

Gonna make you dance and make you say A YO

Where’s my party people

This goes out to you so everybody LET’S GO

The Middle East phenomenon

Rap to the world cuz they call me the Don

Inject the sound to ya system like it’s lethal

Start the party 4 my arabic people

يلا بينا يلا

يجي منه والله

نبغى منه طله

قالت علله

Come on there shorty

Not trying to be naughty

Just wanna stimulate your mind with a lovely story

You fit in those pants

Come on and let’s dance

Touch of romance

I need 1 chance

Love is in the air

Thoughts I wanna share

Smile laugh so crazy I don’t care

Check the sick flow

Enjoy the show

I’m take you high while you living on the low

Freak to the heat that you heard in the street

Now how the hell can you resist a Fredwreck beat

HEY We in the spot tonight

Everybody chilling in the club feeling alright

In the mood looking good getting food for thought

So fresh، so clean with the things we bought


So ill، so sick، it’s beautiful

So right، so dope، like a miracle

So fly، so sweet you can taste it

Feeling so lucky tonight، I can’t waist it