never snitch الحمدلله – سكيني

Alhamdulillah x3
Swish caught a lick
Alhamdulillah x3
Swish caught a lick
I just wanna pull up in coupes
I just want more floos
I just be dripping and cool
I just be tripping the news
Kick it with goons
I just be smoking the fumes
I just might fly to the moon
I just get high like balloons
I just be out making moves
I just be sipping that juice
I just be spending floos
I just be dripping in jewels

I just be wet like em pools
I just don’t care about no rules
Im just a frog with a tool
I just be killing you noobs
All of my guns yeah they blue
Fortnite im getting the loot
Dropping the top of my coupe
Coupe and it came with no roof
yeah i just gave you my douce
Say i hit a lick (alhamdulillah)
We just getting lit (alhamdulillah)
Never never snitch (alhamdulillah)
We just getting rich (alhamdulillah)

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