Mother امي – قصي

This is it … it should have been done long time ago

When our mothers never been appreciated before

The wait is over … they’ve been providing their shoulders

For us to cry on … for us to hold on

Stay strong … has been their word since birth

The land that we live on we call it mother earth

So can you explain the 9 months of pain

Carrying a life secured with love throughout her veins

The first kiss and touch with a smile on her face

The first tear of joy that can’t be replaced

The first hand to feed you from her wounds and breast

The first hug that makes you able to witness Gods bless

The first teacher to guide you with knowledge and discipline

The first angel to deliver heaven sent

Now if you lose her in your life … you’ll see nothing but suffer

Bottom line is I can’t live without my mother

Chorus (English):

To all the mothers all across the world

I wanna shower you with diamonds and pearls

There ain’t nobody that can do what you do my mama

Dedicated to the ladies، girls، women، sister، princesses، queens، and goddesses

To all the mothers all across the world … we love you … place no one above you

Verse 2:

Dear mama I apologize for all the things I’ve put you through

I know I’ve been a bad boy lost without a clue

But because of you and prayers I’ve been found

Your advice and guidance made me turn my life around

Raised me well … taught me right from wrong

How to treat women with respect … so this song is a gift from your sons and daughter

Can’t compare to all you offerings، what you gave، and shared

Single mothers out there … keep your head up

No matter how hard it is … you’ll never fed up

It’s time for you to rest now … I thank you

You’ve done more than enough … so let comfort you

You are my heart and soul to any kind of weather

My 1 queen … I will cherish you forever

There’s a door in paradise just for you

I leave you with these simple words … I LOVE YOU

ملكة روحي انتي ..أميرة عمري انتي

في حياتي مافي زيك يا أمي..أمي

انتي في الدنيا الأهم… انتي الحقيقه والحلم

ربي يرعاكي مالي غير رضاكي انتي يا أمي…أمي