JL Anthem – قصي

In the name of music، let me start this rhyme that’s divine

As I enter your mind so I can show you the sign

Plus define one time cuz my point will shine whether it’s yours or mine

And that’s the bottom line

It’s the quiet riot that’s taking over this earth

Universal Language ever since the birth of the art

Appreciation is must so you know in God we trust

Best believe it’s the JL Anthem

Extra Ordinary Gentlemen and we’re handsome

One fist hard working generation

Cuz success is a journey، not a destination

Without a reasonable doubt I call it rendezvous

My Eyesomnia like it’s a Dejavu

The only thing that keeps us together

For better or worst I will cherish it forever

We came a long way and we ain’t gonna stop

Cuz we gonna do what we love to do

No matter what you people say about us

We still got nothing but love for you

Cuz you know we don’t care about you

This song is dedicated to those who just don’t know how to act

If you don’t like the song turn it off or turn the volume down

We still gonna kill you with our sound

Welcome to the SoulHop Movement

Experimental edutainment coming through from an underground basement

Immortal with techniques that’s unique

Emphasize the lyrics that blends with the beat

To the rest we’re simply the best I thought I told you so

You shouldn’t hold that against me though

It’s a gift but considered a curse and it hurts

Let me express what’s it worth

I was a music fan

Till I became a man

Now we just wanna live

Till the day that we die

Just to get by

It’s like a jack of all trades plays the part of the joker

Ups and down the life of a stock broker

I got my heart ribbon in my hand as a witness

I use it for pleasure and business

I am Hip Hop، the Elements، and the Art

The Culture، the Business، the End، and the Start

The Revolution and the Action

The voice of the generation to disregard the reaction

Now I ma hypnotize you like a drug so take this

Follow the leader and learn the basics

Get in the matrix and check the latest

Cuz I studied the greats and became the greatest

So overstand the politics

We in it for the victorious like Notorious out to get the trophy that’s so glorious

More like the infamous and not the glamorous

The hunger mixed with passion، so label me as an amethyst

BOOYAA I’m the type of nigga who giving it to ya

Don’t hate the playa، hate the game، cuz I’m about to screw ya

Do ya … Cuz you dead wrong

إسحب سيفون و بعده move on

Oh yes we ridin here tonight … And we represent the West Coast that’s for life

If you feel what we doing put your hands up in the sky

Jeddah Legends till the day we die …